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Physicians associated with schools have held a variety of titles throughout history. What is a school physician? A school physician is any physician who serves in any capacity for a school district, such as, but not limited to, an advisor, consultant, medical director, volunteer, team physician, medical inspector, or district physician. The tradition of a school physician dates back to the late 1800s, as parents and public officials recognized that public school facilities needed a national systematic medical inspection. Over time, the role of the school medical inspector expanded to include containment of prevalent infectious diseases of childhood and eventually became an important vehicle to manage mass immunization. Today school physicians tend to focus on the needs of individual children and the overall public health of a school. They often assist schools in accommodating students who have special health care needs, managing acute and chronic illness, overseeing the emergency response, environmental health and safety, health promotion and education, and providing much-needed medical support to school nursing staff. Our well-placed school physician experts can contribute to creating policies and practices that offer sound, evidence-based structure to coordinated school health teams and help provide peace of mind to teachers, administrators, and staff.

What We Offer

School Physicians offers school districts access to qualified school physicians. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best care to the schools we serve.

Choosing A School Physician

How is your School Physician doing? Are they available? Do they show up for the school and the games or send others to cover? Does your school physician have too many schools and spread too thin? Our founder is a practicing physician since 2000, dually trained and double boarded in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. He has lived in Gloucester County, New Jersey, with his wife and four kids since 1999. Experiences include being a clinical assistant professor at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, the attending physician in the Pediatric Emergency Department in Washington Township, providing addiction and medication-assisted treatment services, summer camp physician, board member of a non-profit organization for individuals with disabilities, and medical director of a balance center.

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