School Physicians

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School Physicians are highly trained, dually boarded physicians with years of experience. We provide services related to school health, consultative services, and independent contracting.

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Nursing Staff Support

School nurses have 24/7 direct access to sound medical advice from our team of family practitioners and pediatricians.

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School Physicians

Good student health is the focus for us. We are dedicated to providing school districts and their student health needs access to the best school physicians.

School Athletics Support

We deliver athletic health services for your student-athletes. We support your coaches and school trainers. Our team advocates for the students and your athletic department.

Current Roles of a School Physician

The roles and types of relationships for physicians working in schools are broad. Their tasks can range from fulfilling mandated services, serving as an advisor to a school health advisory group, or being the leader of a coordinated school health program. We function based on the community’s medical and social needs or demands, the school district’s priorities, and state laws. School Physician adds value to the quality of health services and strives to help districts save cost with decreased liability from physician oversight of sound school health programs.

Superintendent Consultations

Our physicians can give you administrative guidance on all aspects of the health and safety of your staff and students.

School District Consultations

Our physicians allow the administration access to a complete array of crisis control consulting.

Employee Health Appraisals

For employees within the school district, physicians are available for advice under contract.

Athletic Physicals

Review student athletic physicals and provide in-school athletic physicals per contract.

School Nurse Consultations

School healthcare is our focus, and we are here to support your school healthcare staff.

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Private Concierge Consultations

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